Group Nourish

Join The Clare Project for our community cooking therapy programme, Group Nourish! Sign up and join our welcoming community kitchen table.

First and third Monday of the month: 4:30-9:00pm

Group Nourish offers a chance for culinary creativity, cooking skills-shares and having tasty meals with other community members, with the added nourishment an after-meal circle of connection led by our transgender psychotherapist, Serge Nicholson.

You need not be a cook or a foodie. But we would like to invite you to come along and meet up regularly, joining together as a group to prepare a shared meal and to meet and welcome community connection in a kitchen or picnic space. After we have prepared and shared a meal together, we will stay on and share group connection in a circle of conversation. This group aims to enable you to practice greater kindness towards yourself and others. You may have skills or insights that you might like to ask to share.

Sharing yourself with a group can be a powerful way of seeking to know yourself better and to experience connection. Your task in the group is to make sure you can gain something to nourish yourself and where you can, help in the nourishment of others.

We encourage you to look after yourself and keep safer and braver in the group experience. All food preparation activities and conversations are invitations. You are free to make your own choices about how you use the space, which will be led and supportively held by the TCP team.

Please contact us to sign up.