Our team


Gray Hutchins

Service & Development Manager 
Pronouns: they/them/theirs
I was delighted to join The Clare Project in November 2018 after graduating from the University of Sussex, and then spending a few years working in business/charity development. My role focusses on supporting all of our services across East Sussex, alongside continuing the growth and development of our 20-year strong organisation. I also work with our team to manage our TNBI Inclusion & Awareness training and consultancy offering, which is one of the most exciting aspects of our work.

My favourite thing about working for The Clare Project is that it is trans/TNBI community-led, for the community itself. I am proud of the authenticity and diversity of our work, and how we continue to support, empower and elevate the voices of those in our community.

Outside of work I enjoy cooking (and eating), running and hiking, watching too many documentaries, and hanging out with my dogs, Charlie & Luna.

Carl Mogg


Pronouns: he/him/his
Likes – All things nature. Especially dogs, birds and cows. Walking. Gardening. A fairly quiet life. Food, especially if it’s cooked for me. 80’s Punk/Goth music, especially Siouxsie Sioux. The Clare Project. And Peace ✌️
Dislikes – Having my photo taken (which is why you can see more of my dog in this one) People littering. Plastic in wildlife’s diets (see previous for cause) Fascists and Transphobia.

I fell in love with The Clare Project a couple of years ago and now help to facilitate the drop-in.  It’s an amazing place to come and make new friends,  or just chill out and refresh 🥤We also help to signpost if someone is struggling. It is invaluable and has helped so many over the years. I work with a lovely bunch of people and service users. It has also helped me slowly overcome my own anxieties 😊

Luke Oliver


Pronouns: he/him/his
My name is Luke, I’m 26 years old and I’m also trans.

I am in to everything outdoors, in love with Wales and Shel Silverstein.

I have a son, Theo, who I gave birth to in early 2017, 2 spaniels and 2 rabbits!

I’m involved in facilitating the new TNB Hastings group and committed to making a difference in our community no matter how small.

One of my favourite quotes – “No matter how long the night, the dawn will always break”

Luka White

TNBI Services Development Worker

Pronouns: they/them/theirs

I started doing freelance work for The Clare Project in March 2020 and was very pleased to accept a permanent contract in September 2020 delivering training, developing information booklets and doing group facilitation. I previously worked in healthcare, in the last two years focussing on supporting people with mental health problems within the NHS and the charity sector. Outside of work I enjoy running Queer Basketball, playing the guitar and endlessly throwing tennis balls for my dog, Poppy.

The reason I am excited about working for The Clare Project is that it prides itself on being led by and for the TNBI community – and it really is! I am also really enjoying working specifically alongside and supporting other members of my community. Coming out as non-binary two years ago was a massive step for me, and the beautiful TNBI people I have met on my journey so far have been inspirational. I look forward to meeting many more of you over the coming months!

Image description: The face of a Black mixed race person holding a small Russian tortoise in one hand. They are outside, the person is smiling, wears glasses, has short curly black hair and three nose piercings – one in each nostril and one in their septum


TNBI and QTIBIPoC Engagement Worker
Pronouns: they/them/theirs
 I love and respect the work and diversity of TCP and so was very excited to join such a fantastic grassroots TNBI charity. Doing research and consultation work with my TNBI and QTIBIPoC communities is a dream job, and I will be working hard to improve access to health care and wellbeing. It is great to work somewhere that I can be all of myself in as a TNBI, queer, Black, older, disabled, autistic person amongst other things! I have also managed my own mental health conditions and worked in and studied mental health for decades, with a particular interest in race and autism as well as all things intersectional. I have spent many years working in mental health and homeless LGBTQ charities. I teach yoga, wellbeing and mindfulness to specialist groups such as mental health services users and of course my TNBI communities. More recently, I started delivering LGBTQ inclusion training too.

I am a proud vegan of 30 years and have worked on social justice issues since rocking up to Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp back in the 1980s. I am also a child of the Windrush, my claim to fame being that my dad was on the maiden voyage of the Windrush and can be seen on old BBC newsreel!

I love yoga, mindfulness, walking, reading, sunshine, peace and my little tortoise companion, Floyd.


Andie Davidson

Chair of Trustees

Pronouns: she her, hers

Andie is currently a technical author and has worked in IT, engineering and social research organisations. She began involvement with The Clare Project in 2011 and blogged the experience of transition extensively. She has lived in Sussex for over 25 years and in Brighton and Hove since 2013. For a number of years she was a school governor and chair of governors in Worthing, where she brought up her family.

A keen amateur musician, Andie has played trumpet in many local wind bands. She is also a creative writer and has performed her poetry in a number of venues. A background in social activism only added to a willingness to speak out in public on issues close to her heart, and for inclusion and equality.

Martine Noble


Pronouns: she/her/hers

Martine has been a Trustee for The Clare Project for a few years, and often focuses on the finances and sustainability of the organisation. Outside of this role, Martine spends much of her time residing in France with her husband. She is also on the board for a couple of other charities, and is a passionate photographer.

Julia Trangmar


Pronouns: she/her/hers
Julia Trangmar sadly passed away from Covid-19 in February 2021, and her ashes were scattered in the gardens of Dorset Gardens in the Spring of 2021. We are in the proccess of requesting a bench to be placed there in her memory. 
Julia’s generosity and dedication to The Clare Project was a lifeline for our community throughout some of the toughest years we have been subjected to. She was welcoming and kind in her approach, and always provided a listening ear to so many, whether as an agony aunt, or someone to chew your ear off about Bowie down at The Marlborough Pub. 
The community was a huge part of Julia’s life, and likewise she was of ours. We would like to remember her for her support to both ourselves as an organisation, her determination and resilience in the face discrimination, and her immense kindness towards everyone she ever met.

We will hugely miss Julia, but will continue to strive for inclusion and equality in her memory