The Clare Project is continuously looking to grow, develop and diversify our team. As one of the largest community-led TNBI organisations in the country, we are looking to provide various paid and volunteer opportunities in order to enable and empower our community members. We are proud to be led by our lived experience, in a supportive and affirming environment, that opens doors for our team in terms of career progression, training, and personal development.

Throughout late Summer-Autumn 2021, we are looking to recruit a variety of roles in order to meet the increased demand on our services and invaluable insight to community needs. We work with a variety of people, ranging from volunteers in Trusteeship, to seasonal volunteer fundraisers, and paid roles of both freelancers and people we employ. Whether you see yourself in the office, or on the front line, we would love to hear from you. Below we have links to our current recruitment of Group Facilitators (paid role) and another opportunity to join those who are ‘steering the ship’ at The Clare Project: Trustee Board.

As a course of Positive Action, we actively encourage applications from those from groups we recognise as being under-represented in our team. This includes, but is not limited to, community members who are Black and/or People of Colour, people with disabilities, those with a variation in sex characteristics (sometimes known as ‘intersex’), people from a Gypsy or Traveller background, and/or community members who are trans-binary (trans man or trans woman).

If you would like to talk to any of our current and/or past team members about their experience in working with us, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we can arrange an informal chat. Anyone recruited to joining our team – in any role – will have an Access and Support meeting with their line manager during induction where any support and/or access needs required from The Clare Project in order to fulfil the role can be discussed. If you would prefer to discuss these ahead of applying, do contact us.

If you would like to be kept up-to-date on our mailing list, which includes recruitment opportunities, please email and request to be added!

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