Content note: ableism, transphobia, discrimination, abuse.

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Over the past 18 months we have been made aware of escalating issues regarding discrimination and community safety in local LGBTQ+ charity MindOut. Throughout this period, concerns and formal complaints from fellow organizations, team members and services users have failed to be addressed by senior leadership, and in some cases, gone unacknowledged.

We continue to witness a persistent disregard of both systemic and direct acts of transphobia and ableism among senior leadership, of which those we are aware of to date include:

  • Acts of transphobia and disability discrimination (including mental health) towards team members and beneficiaries;
  • repeatedly failing to address conflicts relating to staff connections to anti-trans campaigns;
  • formal complaints raised going unanswered and/or declared to stakeholders;
  • sudden redundancies of trusted, experienced and allied staff;
  • continuing to ignore explicit concerns raised relating to community safety & safeguarding, alongside a chronic disregard for individuals’ ongoing mental health impact.

Despite being a charity of considerable size, and continuing attempts to build on funds, MindOut have continued to breach their own policies, ignore serious safeguarding concerns, and fail to address explicit acts of discrimination.

Among many others, we have given ample opportunity and contributions to seek remedial action in the best interest of those we support, and this has been repeatedly met with dishonesty, gaslighting and/or complete silence. We want our communities, partners and commissioners to be aware of these continuing acts of violence and disregard for our communities’ safety, particularly in those claiming to be LGBTQ+ spaces.

We send our solidarity and support to those who have been affected over this recent period, and those who will find this news both distressing and disheartening. Alongside a growing number of trusted allies, we will continue to advocate for equitable,  accessible and inclusive services, free from violence and discrimination while we persist in demanding better for the communities we serve.

Looking for support and/or knowledge on how to raise a complaint?

Pop in on one of our drop-ins, see our homepage calendar or Key Services under our Resources page.

Call national LGBT Switchboard or speak to local groups such as Switchboard’s TransLink service, AllSorts, Radical Rhizomes, Trans Sober, Traveller Pride, Navigate; or contact us for signposting.

Support for raising issues/complaints/discrimination

All registered charities are obliged under Charity, Trustee and/or Company Acts to hold and act upon both specific policies/processes. You can request these from the charity at any time, and every organization will have their own internal (for staff/volunteers) and/or external processes (for partners/service users).

If the charity fails to address your complaint directly, or not follow their complaints procedure, you can escalate the complaint to their Board of Directors/Trustees. If the complaint has already reached their Board, you can raise complaints with the funders of commissioners of the organization. The details of these commissioners are often on charities’ websites, or their annual accounts/reports on the Charity Commission website. If funders fail to address said complaints, you can pursue complaints directly to the Charity Commission.

If your complaint contains acts of discrimination, you can also seek advice from one of our local Third Party Reporting Centres as to whether it is reportable as a crime and/or stored as evidence anonymously among local community safety support. Advocacy and advice services exist among a variety of local organizations and details can be found via our Resources page’s Key Services lists.

If you are an employee or volunteer of an organization, we encourage you to speak to your Union Representative and/or ACAS for free and impartial advice, alongside seeking advice from local voluntary sector support teams (e.g. LGBT Consortium, Community Works or BHCC). As always, if you are concerned regarding the safety and/or safeguarding of staff and/or beneficiaries, you seek to obtain professional advice and/or report this to local authorities (e.g. council) at the earliest opportunity.

If you require assistance to connect with support to raise issues, report a hate crime/incident and/or complaints, then please get in touch with our team or speak to us at one of our Drop-ins.

Content summary

MindOut fails to address acts of transphobia, disability and mental health discrimination, despite many attempts of raising concerns and formal complaints. Ourselves and allies demand better to ensure everyone can access inclusive mental health support.