The Clare Project is looking to collect feedback from trans, non-binary and intersex GP practice patients across Sussex – and you can win a £100 voucher for taking part!

NOTE ON ACCESSIBILITY: if you require assistance in completing this form either face to face, or over the phone/zoom, please text/call 07464229395 or email: Depending on how much you write, the survey will take 10-30 minutes to complete.
If you would prefer to do a 1:1 interview or take part in our paid focus group on Thurs 4th Aug, please also get in touch. Please note this survey is live until Sunday 7th Aug 2022 11:59pm.

About the Survey

Following the publication of our Train & Treat Report 2021 (subtitled video summary hereThe Clare Project has been working alongside local NHS commissioners through our NHS Inclusion Engagement program in order to work towards improving trans/TNBI inclusion in GP practices. The purpose of this snapshot survey is to see how we are doing – and how we can continue to work on what we are already doing.

Some of the things The Clare Project has been doing over the recent year have included:

  • Delivering training to GP practice staff/clinicians
  • Running community Q&As on issues relating to health and creating resources
  • Building capacity for groups in more rural areas to come together and receive information relating to healthcare
  • Providing 1:1 support in navigating healthcare needs/issues 

If you have any questions, queries or concerns regarding the survey please do not hesitate to get in touch: Thank you for taking part!

Please note that by taking part in this survey you are consenting to having your feedback provided anonymously throughout The Clare Project’s work, including your feedback being shared with current and potential funders, local NHS commissioners, Sussex Trans Health Improvement Board and other places in which TCP believes beneficial in working towards improving healthcare inclusion for our TNBI communities. We will not share any personal or identifiable data with these persons/organisations, nor any other third party.