Image description: LGBTQIA+ PPE Fund Logo. The logo is circular with a light pink background. There is an outline of a person, which is light grey, wearing a white mouth mask and blue re-usable visor. The visor has ‘LGBTQIA+ PPE’ on the top and the mask has ‘Fund’ across the mouth piece.

In March we posted about how our face-to-face services are temporarily in accordance with government guidelines. You can see this post here. Even though we cannot run any services in person we are still here if you need to talk, through our support line. All the details for this are on the post.

We appreciate this is a particularly difficult time, especially for our TNBI community, and are wanting to support you in ways that we can. Emotional support, as mentioned above, but also practically.

We are pleased to announce that The Clare Project has collaborated with The LGBTQIA+ PPE Fund to help fundraise to provide access to essential PPE, for people within our community during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The PPE available will be:

  • One reusable sewn mask 

Image description: re-usable sewn masks in a pile. The top mask is peach coloured with white polka dots. The mask behind is yellow with coloured elephant print. The rest are slightly blurred into the background.

  • Hand sanitiser (depending on availability) 

All funds raised are supporting the purchase of materials, costs associated with printing / sewing and distribution. If this initiative is completed and funds are still available, these funds will be donated to an eligible COVID-19 LGBTQIA+ fund.

If you would like to contact The LGBTQIA+ PPE Fund to request PPE or offer support, the gofund me website is and you can email them here: They are also very grateful for volunteers to make masks or collect and deliver the packs if you have the capacity and means to do this.

If you have any questions please direct them to The LGBTQI+ PPE Fund. We are also happy to hear from you about it but they will be able to help answer any questions you have more effectively.

We’re sure you agree that this is a really important fundraiser and would appreciate you sharing this amongst the community, so we can all support it but also stay as safe as we possibly can.

Please keep connected with us! Check out all the online events we have running here: and join the facebook group for all updates and future online events.