Training and consultancy

Training and Consultancy

We offer a variety of training packages that aims to leave attendees with a fuller understanding of what it means to be trans, non-binary, intersex or gender variant (TNBI), the needs of our community, and how they can work towards making their organisation a safe environment for TNBI people. We also have opportunities to provide specific consultation, for both the public and private sector.


We pride ourselves on providing training that is created, written and developed by the TNBI community directly, with a focus on ensuring its intersectional and inclusive approach. Much of our work is led by lived experience of our members, in addition to local and national research.

All of our trainers are from the TNBI community, and well-resourced in their experience in facilitating training to a variety of groups.

Our popular core package is outlined below.

Trans, Non-Binary and Intersex Awareness and Inclusivity Training – CORE PACKAGE

Duration: 2 hours, available online or in person.


  • Community Awareness
  • Introduction to LGBTQIA+ identities
  • Understanding TNBI (Trans, Non-Binary and Intersex) people.
  • The Binary
  • Gender and Culture
  • Biological Sex
  • Understanding and supporting transition
  • Pronouns
  • An Introduction to Inequalities for TNBI Adults
  • Why is support needed? (reports and statistics)
  • Intersectionality
  • What can YOU do?
  • Supporting someone who comes out.
  • Working Towards Allyship & Accessibility
  • Making your organisation inclusive
  • Q&A


All participants will aim to:

  • Obtain an understanding of the trans, non-binary, intersex and gender-variant umbrella, including up to date community terminology regularly used throughout the UK.
  • Consider the relationship between gender identity and gender expression, and how this can influence our understanding of pronoun use and practice.
  • Understand what we mean by ‘Gender Transition’ and how we can best support.
  • Gather knowledge of TNBI experiences of inequalities faced by the community.
  • Develop a progressive and community-influenced understanding of how we can act individually, and organisationally, to improve inclusion and accessibility for TNBI people.

We are happy to work with you to cater towards and deliver your specific training needs/objectives, with examples including:

Neurodivergent/Autistic & ADHD Inclusivity, Non-binary Identities/Experience, Insight into Anti-trans Activity & mitigating risk, Gender Recognition & The Law: Healthcare Inequalities.

We also have opportunities to provide specific consultation, for both the public and private sector.


Survivors Network, Possibility People, Unison, Bupa, NHS Sussex, Community Works, Arch Health CIC & The Frontline Network, Homeless Health Conference, Society for Academic Primary Care, University of Sussex Student Union.

Please contact us for further information/pricing or to discuss your specific needs:

We offer a variety of training packages tailored to suit your needs

Get in touch to discuss how we can support your organisation in becoming actively inclusive of your TNBI staff, customers, and external stakeholders.