Image description reads: Trans Day of Remembrance 2020 November community online spaces for care 7 – 8.30pm Daily
To sign up to any events please email or WhatsApp The Clare Project on 07464 229395 to receive the Zoom link you can also message The Clare Project + QTIPoC Narratives via social media.

Please join QTIPoC Narratives Collective, The Clare Project, and contributing community organisers & artists for Trans Day of Remembrance 2020.

These spaces have been predominantly organised by TNBI BIPoC members of the community. All events are held by the community, for the community, with allies welcome to our remembrance event on the 20th November evening.

All events run 7-8:30pm and mental health support is available.

All are free to attend.

We ask you to sign up to receive Zoom information by emailing, WhatsApping 07464229395, or alternatively, in-boxing The Clare Project or QTIPoC Narratives Collective on social media.

To join the facebook event page for more information, click here.

Trans Day of Remembrance 2020 Schedule

20th: Vigil (allies welcome) Holding space to remember those who have passed with a digital ritual.

21st: Thoughts on Ritual + Grieving with Sophie Carabine, Shona Raine and Ven PaldanoA conversation will be held with Sophie from The Corpse Project centering the body, death and dying. How can it be laid to rest so that all of us are helped and healed through death? And, what is best for the Earth? We aim to build knowledge and explore options to meet the needs of our diverse society, now and in the future.

22nd: Writing the Unspoken with Sea SharpIn this creative writing session the award winning poet and performer, Sea Sharp, will be using text inspired by the QTIPoC artist, Travis Alabanza, to help formulate prompts for a session that promotes self care through creative writing

23rd: Conversations on Self and Community Care with Nil, Aisling, Nic and MossA space to discuss how we can take care of ourselves and one another,
whilst sharing ways of coping in moments of distress (It is recommended
to bring a notepad and pen/pencil, but not essential).

24th: ‘Tree of Life’ Illustration workshop with Jamie Fox. Tree of Life is a reflective and creative workshop providing space to understand the role of the past in shaping the present and how we can
work with both to create a desirable future. Please bring along a sheet of
A4/A3 paper and a selection of colourful pens/pencils to get the most out
of this session.

25th: Grieving through Dance, Dancing through Grief with Sultry – An online space exploring dance as therapy to grieving , and using dance
to express feelings and emotions of the stages of bereavement.

There will be access to 1-2-1 therapy (with Jake Yearsley) or our mental health first aider (Gray Hutchins) on each day

To sign up to any events please email or WhatsApp The Clare Project on 07464 229395 to receive the Zoom link 

To join the facebook event page click here.

Safer space agreement can be downloaded below: