Note on Accessibility: If you would prefer to discuss the role face-to-face, over the phone, or otherwise, with a member of our team or an existing Trustee, please do get in touch. Please note this is a volunteer role.

Below we have the advert available in accessible read/summary format, and a longer advert with added detail. If you would like this in another format please contact us.

Text/phone: 07464229395

Accessible Read/Summary Advert:

The Clare Project has proudly been supporting transgender, non-binary, intersex and gender-variant adults for now 21 years. Due to our increasing demand on the services that we offer our community, we are experiencing significant growth.

To support us through this, we are looking to expand our Trustee Board. Trustees at The Clare Project are volunteers who steer the direction of the charity in terms of how we develop our services, and therefore support the increasing number of community members coming through our doors.

In this role you would be contributing towards ideas and take part in decision making in the best interest of the charity and community we serve. Alongside this, there will also be parts of the role where you can contribute to improving our policies, relationships with other organisations and/or having oversight of our financial sustainability.

We anticipate the role would take an average of approximately 2-4 hours a week, some of which will be keeping on top of updates/brief requests from the small staff team/other board members. More detail on this is outlined below, but please get in touch if you would like to discuss further or have any questions.

Here is a 5 minute YouTube video that gives advice for first-time Trustees:

Advice for first time charity trustees – YouTube

We welcome applications from everyone from the trans, non-binary, intersex and gender-variant (TNBI) community and actively encourage applications from under-represented groups. Please see our statement of Positive Action below for more details.

How to apply:
Please send your CV (no more than 2 x sides of A4) and a brief covering letter (no more than 1 side of A4) to

Recruitment closes 18th October 2021 9am

Further information about the role

Please see below if you would like more insight as to what the role of a Trustee at The Clare Project might entail.

Role Outline

  • Attendance of 1 x 90min meeting every 2 months (usually a weekday evening)
  • Attendance of Annual General Meeting (usually in Brighton), once a year for approx 2hrs
  • Attendance of annual Team Development Day during Spring months, approx 4hrs
  • To contribute to meetings, discussions and decision-making with the best interests of the charity to hand
  • To assist with any complaints, safeguarding concerns and/or incidents recieved by the Charity, internal or external
  • To occasionally represent the Charity as spokesperson, which may include requests for written statement, comment and/or media engagement
  • To network, building positively on the connections and/or reputation of the Charity
  • To have oversight of legal duties and financial accountability to the Charity Commission, as lead by Chair of Trustees
  • To offer guidance and support to reporting staff members e.g. suggestions of new ideas, steering development of the Charity, proof-reading or drafting documents etc

Further/external resources:

How to apply:
Please send your CV (no more than 2 x sides of A4) and a brief covering letter (no more than 1 side of A4) to

Recruitment closes 18th October 2021 9am

Positive Action

Please note we welcome applications from the trans, non-binary, intersex and gender-variant community. Further to this, we recognize that there are several intersections of these communities under-represented in our team at present, including but not limited to, Black and non-Black People of Colour, those with disabilities, those from Gypsy & Traveller backgrounds, migrants and/or those with experience of homelessness. As a course of Positive Action in order to improve community representation in our team, we actively encourage applications from these under-represented groups.


If you would prefer to submit your application in another way, or different format, please do get in touch. Likewise, if you require assistance and/or have any questions regarding the application process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Any enquiries or questions about the role can be sent to Service Manager Gray, on or leave a voicemail/text with your number on 07464229395